Přistavení vozu zdarma v Praze. Pojištění a dálniční známka v ceně. Výhodný tarif, zarezervujte si své vysněné auto ještě dnes, se vším vám poradíme, volejte kdykoliv +420 773 116 716

How to choose a car rental?

How to choose a car rental?

Take your time to decide. If you have not checked the company, find out conditions of renting at first. You find our conditions here.

What are requirements on drivers from the car rental? With OneTwoGo, you have to have a valid driving licence and after your 20th birthday- party.

Are stated prices final? We state prices without VAT ( most of our customers are VAT payers). We do not have any hidden fees, we keep our promises.

Read the contract carefully, if you do not understand something, do not sign it. OneTwoGo is able to send you the prepared contract by e-mail for you to study.

What is the car insurance? What is the participation? Ask for details. OneTwoGo has the third-party-insurance and also accident insurance in both the Czech Rep. and EU with 10% participation, it is possible to have additional insurance for 0% participation.

Examine the car thoroughly when taking the car over. Check also cleanness, amount of fuel in the tank. Everything you are not ok with put down in the contract. It is for granted with a reliable company.

What will happen in case of accident, theft of the car? OneTwoGo has a precise procedure stated in the contract. First thing is to inform us by phone, we will arrange everything and take care of you.

When you return the car, ask for a confirmation. You can also take a picture of the car, then you have evidence that you return the car undamaged.

How do they take care of customers? Does your car rental respect you? Quality service for smart customers, it is our motto. Why to choose OneTwoGo read here.

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